Louisiana Political
Hall of Fame


2024 Inductee

Joseph A. Delpit

Joseph A. Delpit, born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has made significant strides across various sectors. Since 1959, he’s been at the helm of the Chicken Shack, evolving it into a chain under Chicken Shack Systems, Inc. Additionally, he’s been involved in healthcare, consulting, investments, and mental health services.


Delpit’s extensive memberships encompass roles in civic, religious, and educational organizations. He’s notably been a part of boards for St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Southern University System Foundation, and various community development entities.


His achievements are marked by numerous honors, including recognition for business leadership, civic contributions, civil rights advocacy, and service to educational institutions. Notably, he represented minority business interests at the White House under President Bill Clinton.


Delpit made history as the first Black councilman in Baton Rouge and served in significant capacities, including Mayor Pro Tempore. He held various political positions, serving as State Representative and achieving the title of Speaker Pro Tempore, marking a milestone in Louisiana’s political landscape.


Though he retired from the State Legislature in 1992, Delpit remains engaged in local activities while focusing on mentoring his family for future business endeavors. His legacy continues through his dedication to both business and community development.

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