Uncle Earl’s Hog Dog Trials

In 1995, in conjunction with the Centennial Celebration of Earl Kemp Long, the “Uncle Earl’s” Hog Dog Trials became an annual event in Winnfield. “Uncle Earl’s” Hog Dog Trials is a five-day event held the fourth full weekend of March each year at the Winn Parish Fairgrounds on Highway 34 South (beginning on Wednesday and ending on Sunday).

The heritage of hog hunting is a traditional sport in Winn Parish, and, a lot of times, it wasn’t done for the fun of it. It meant meat on the table and often still does. Some local families have been hunting hogs on the same land for generations. Earl K. Long was an avid hog hunter, and Winn Parish has kept this legacy alive.

The Hog Dog Trials are the world’s largest and have been coined the “Super Bowl” of hog dog baying, attracting an average of 10,000 spectators each year to the area. This sport is part of our heritage in Louisiana.

The folks of Winn Parish enjoy life, and visitors are always among friends when they come to Winnfield for “Uncle Earl’s” Hog Dog Trials.

For more information, please contact the Winn Parish Chamber of Commerce at (318) 628-4461.